What to expect on a Sunday?

At Hope Revolution, we deeply value connecting with God and the people around us. We foster an environment where any first-time visitor or regular attendee is encouraged (without pressure or expectation) to engage with what God is doing. We know that God wants to move in power through His Spirit, and we prioritise seeking His presence when we meet. It takes more than the pastor to make that happen, it requires the whole body to choose to go on the journey together.

We understand that you may think about a variety of things when attending a church for the first time. At Hope Revolution, we have no desire to pressure you to become a member of our church or to give to our cause. You’ll also notice there is no common dress code – everyone (including our leaders) wear what they feel comfortable in, generally casual or smart casual clothing. Our hope is for you to gather with us, feel welcomed, grow in your faith and be encouraged to express your thanks and worship to God.

Here’s a quick rundown of what a Sunday morning usually looks like for us:

  • A warm welcome at the front doors from our amazing welcome team
  • Spirit-led worship through song and prayer
  • A time of sharing personal stories of how God has moved in our lives
  • The sharing of communion
  • An opportunity to hear a message which will be relevant and will challenge us to live as followers of Jesus
  • An opportunity for any kids to participate in our kids ministry for a portion of the worship service
  • A social space to chat and hang out as family and community over a cuppa or meal following the service

We look forward to seeing you join us!