How to get involved

Functioning as a church community means everyone belongs, with an invitation to receive and give in healthy ways.  Participation and serving are great ways to connect with others and to grow as Jesus followers – discovering our identity, giftedness and to be fruitful.

Below are some NEXT STEPs to connect with the church community and get to know what God is doing here…

1. Attend Sunday Services

Every Sunday, 10 am.  What to expect on a Sunday
This is a great starting place to meet new people and connect with the church community.

2. Attend 8FIFTEEN Youth (for Secondary School aged)

Friday evenings, fortnightly.  More details
If you’re in Secondary School, this is a time to have some fun, encourage one another and grow in your faith.

3. Attend a Prayer Meeting

Tuesday evenings, fortnightly.  More details
Our prayer meetings take place every fortnight on a Tuesday evening.  They are always encouraging and Spiritually uplifting.

4. Request to join an Activate Group

Thursday or Friday evenings, fortnightly.  More details
Often called a home group or cell group, these are a fantastic way to get to know people better, care for one another and spur one another on.

5. Request to join Mobilize

Mobilize is a platform (web/mobile) that is safe, private and secure for regular church members to communicate with one another and organise events/activities.  If you’ve chosen to make Hope Revolution your home church, contact us to organise a login for Mobilize.

6. Catch up with a leader

By appointment.  Contact us
Organise a catch-up with one of our leaders to find out more about the church or to ask any questions you may have.

7. Get involved in a ministry

We love people’s enthusiasm to get involved and serve. Once we get to know each other better and understand your passions, gifts and capacity, we’d be eager to talk about ways you can participate or serve in ministries within our community.