Purpose & Calling

Our Purpose

At Hope Revolution, our purpose statement describes who we are as followers of God. Hope Revolution is built on and driven by this purpose statement. As both individuals and a broader church community, we exist to live out this purpose in all that we do and let it direct us to live in our identity as disciples of Jesus.

Our purpose is to live surrendered to God’s perfect will, 
motivated by the transforming Gospel of Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Our Calling

Our calling statement declares the intention of Hope Revolution, and what we believe we are called to do as followers of God. Our calling is the responsibility given to us by God to action in the world around us.

Our calling is to be a mobilised community of disciples
advancing the Kingdom of God, bringing hope to Cardinia and beyond.

To fulfil the call of God, we must integrate, champion and execute the following three key aspects of our calling statement.

  • Equipping and mobilising supernatural disciples of Jesus;
  • Reflecting, advancing and partnering with the Kingdom of God;
  • Reaching families with God’s hope, identity and healing.