Activate Groups

Activate groups are sometimes called ‘small groups’, ‘cell groups’ or ‘life groups’ at other churches. At Hope Revolution, we want Activate Groups to be the engine room of the church, serving a vital role in healthy church life.

The purpose of Activate groups is to build stronger relationships at a deeper level, share life together and build community, explore spiritual gifts, develop maturity and encourage kingdom growth. This is the primary space where pastoral care is accessed and offered.

These groups meet regularly and consistently in Hope Revolution folks’ homes and while we encourage the group to build trust and strong relationships, we also need to be prepared and eager to multiply, forming new groups as the need arises. If you’ve decided to be part of the Hope Revolution church family, we’d encourage you to strongly consider joining a group.

Also, we are constantly looking for new Activate group leaders to facilitate new groups. We provide training and resources to help equip and support them as they serve in this area.